Our Philosophy

EFS believes that nonprofits are communities of individuals who gather seeking a greater good. Through collaboration and teamwork, EFS helps our clients better understand the common purpose that brings people together and the principles from which they derive their greatest inspiration and capacity to serve others. We are accountable for and take pride in the quality of our interactions. The firm has complete regard for each client's mission, values, and point of view. We take care to listen carefully to our clients and to respond thoughtfully to their questions, concerns, and ideas. EFS is committed to a process based on jointly established goals, structured guidance, and shared learning.

Who We Are

Collectively, the EFS team has decades of experience working with nonprofits focusing on strategic planning, fund raising or Board development; quite often projects are at the intersections of these three critical aspects of nonprofit organizations. Our counsel is fueled by our service as volunteer nonprofit leaders and front-line practitioners. We've done it before, therefore, have a strong sense of what might be realistic as well as effective.