How can you figure out if EFS is the right consulting firm for you?

It is important to work with a consulting firm that is sensitive to your particular culture and organizational style.

If you are looking for a national consulting firm with regional branches across the country, then EFS is not the right firm for you. If you are looking for a firm with a directive approach to clients, EFS is not the right firm for you.

EFS is a good fit for your organization, if you want a firm that:

  • Builds collaborations with each client
  • Applies best practices in customized ways to each assignment
  • Is adept at working with different organizational cultures and styles
  • Has a successful track record of creating workable solutions with clients
  • Is flexible enough to change course when it is mutually determined that change is needed
  • Has the ability to facilitate consensus and commitment to a plan of action
  • Is committed to building the capacity of the organization for the long term
  • Has working relationships with other professionals who can provide specialized input

Consider partnering with EFS if you are a/n:

  • Executive director or head of school who wants a partner in problem solving around management or fund-raising issues
  • Development director with great instincts, but missing specific skills needed to carry out responsibilities to the fullest
  • Nonprofit that wants to transform its board into a high-performing team
  • Experienced executive director who wants to create a strategic plan that will propel your organization to the next level
  • Organization that wants to ensure a healthy financial future by creating an endowment
  • Development director, just starting out, who wants guidance in designing a department that will grow and evolve over time
  • Board president with tons of energy, but lacking in practical expertise