Management & Organization

EFS believes that heightened focus on management and organizational development increases opportunities for success. A regular review and renewal of the mission and relevant of nonprofits enhances their ability to deliver effective programs and attract resources. We provide the following consulting services to help nonprofits better perform their work on behalf of the common good:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Development & Governance
  • Leadership, Coaching & Team Building

Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is an essential tool that enables organizations be more deliberate and intentional. The strategic planning process enables leadership to articulate an inspiring vision and to develop a commonly-held plan of action to get there. Using a range of techniques such as one-day retreats and extended board-staff sessions, EFS works with clients to:

  • Assess internal strengths and weaknesses to help nonprofits better determine their capabilities
  • Analyze external opportunities and threats such as competition and market position
  • Incorporate an outcome-based perspective into the planning and strategic implementation process
  • Develop and guide procedures to insure the strategic management of strategic plans

Board Development & Governance
Dynamic and effective organizations are governed by dynamic and effective boards. Organizations must be able to inspire and lead board members in the face of constant change. EFS works with clients to:

  • Strengthen board leadership and commitment, especially in clarifying roles and responsibilities and in goal setting
  • Conduct board and/or staff retreats for intensified exploration and resolution of critical organizational issues
  • Guide the identification and recruitment of new board members
  • Establish mutual accountability for the oversight of the nonprofit
  • Enhance the synergy between the Executive Director and the Board

Leadership, Coaching & Team Building
Staff must be able to work as a team, in complete support of an organization's mission and fully appreciative of the contributions of the organization's diverse stakeholders. EFS understands that being the head of school, the executive director of an arts organization, the leader of a human service organization, etc. is one of the most challenging jobs around. The firm helps leaders to examine the institutional issues that may be hindering or promoting organizational well-being. EFS works with clients to:

  • Facilitate one-on-one and group sessions on such topics as team building, leadership style, project management, continuous learning and conflict resolution
  • Apply greater understanding of financial management systems and use of technology to enable better decision making
  • Foster transparent, useful and direct communications
  • Help individuals identify and utilize their unique strengths