The EFS-Client Relationship

At the heart of EFS's success is our ability to establish strong collaborative relationships with clients, relationships that motivate and engage and relationships that enable our clients to build sustainable excellence within their own organizations.

Before taking on an assignment, EFS spends whatever time is needed for a joint review of the nonprofit's situation and a thorough exchange of ideas about approaches to the potential client's opportunities and challenges. As a result, EFS's consulting agreements engender close collaboration from the start and an openness to accomplishing mutually-established goals based on trust.

An effective partnership:

  • Allows clients to be more candid and open, allowing EFS to give better counsel
  • Supports clients in addressing the "tough" issues surrounding their work
  • Challenges clients to think differently about their organization
  • Enables clients to make informed and responsible choices
  • Facilitates clients in taking ownership and leadership of the work

We know best practices and customize how we apply this knowledge and expertise to each client and organizational culture. We freely adapt our style and methods to meet the needs of our clients and don't require that clients adapt to us.